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Midwest Navy Seabees
Island X-2, Omaha

What is a “SEABEE”?

A Seabee is a member of the United States Naval Construction Forces. The word “Seabee” is a heterograph of the first initials of the word “Construction Battalion,” i.e. C.B. = Seabee. The Seabees legacy comes from the construction of hundreds of miles of airstrips and roadways, the dredging of harbors and building of piers while building anything and everything it took to accomplish their mission in whatever theater they were assigned, going back to 1942. As combat engineers, they built and demolished to support the rest of the forces.


The Navy Seabee Veterans of America, Island X-2, Omaha, NE-Midwest Seabee Swarm, is incorporated in the State of Nebraska under the Nebraska Nonprofit Corporation Act. The Swarm is organized for the purpose that “We, the Veterans of the Naval Construction Forces and the Civil Engineer Corps of the United Sates Navy, who have Honorably served our country during time of war and peace, recognizing the service to God and Country is the foundation on which our Nation is founded, do hereby rededicate ourselves to that service, and further pledge our lives and actions to preserve the fundamental ideas of American Government, which we believe are Justice, Freedom and Equality for all.. We wish to continue our service to our Country, and in continuing to do so, we have developed certain objectives which we actively pursue.”